In America, a wild eagle stole a domestic cat.

In the American state of Minnesota, a bald eagle stole a domestic cat. It's hard to believe, you will say, but the act of kidnapping a pet with a feathered national symbol was made by the eyewitnesses. The video, as usual, posted on the Internet. On the published shots, the eagle is seated, holding the victim claws tenaciously. The unfortunate captive is obviously heavy for a bird of prey, but a feathered predator mobilizes all the forces and, waving his wings with a wing, rises with the cat into the air. The cat is so heavy that the eagle struggles to gain altitude but flies. "Poor cat. Sometimes a predator himself becomes a victim." - one of the eyewitnesses comments. What happened to the pet is unknown, thinks Daily Mail. Although what is there to guess? Struck in the strong claws of the king of birds can not escape.

wild eagle stole a domestic cat