The sea lion was stuck in the drainage canal.

In the American city of Vacaville (California), an accident happened: a local sea channel stuck sea lion. The lion gathers crowds of onlookers who stop, get out of cars, watch the marine life and take it off to cameras and phones. Video from the site is already published on the Internet, and ABC News reports about the circumstances of the incident. The scene of the accident was visited by rescuers. They tried for several hours to pull the swallow from the drainage pipe, but their efforts failed. "The animal is in excellent condition, very active. We hope that it will independently get out of the pipe so that we can make another attempt to save it, "said one veterinarian. But the most interesting thing is that no one can even guess: how did the animal get into the canal? There are no reservoirs nearby, and to the nearest Sacramento River - 80 kilometers. Specialists only plant their hands.

sea lion was stuck