In the US, perfume with the scent of cats has been released.

American manufacturers have launched interesting perfume with a wonderful smell: it's not some floral or citrus aroma, it's the smell of kittens. Perfume with the smell of kittens was released by the American company Demeter Fragrance Library. The fragrance was made on Saturday. This is reported on the brand page on Facebook. It should be noted, creating a perfume with specific flavors for this company is a common thing. So, in the asset of the Demeter Fragrance Library already there are perfumes with the scent of submissive and gin and tonic. And now the creators are sure that their new creation will have to do with the kittens. The news has collected a lot of likes, but many people in the comments to the post are wondering: how, in fact, can these perfumes smell?

scent of cats