In Cyprus, poachers killed 800 thousand birds.

The leadership of the British military base in Cyprus was criticized for the unavailability of poachers, who destroyed a huge number of songbirds in the base. So, according to the latest report of scientists, in 2016 in Cyprus, about 1.7 million birds were destroyed. Including some 800 thousand birds were killed on the British military base, which covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 100 square kilometers. This is reported by the Russian service of the BBC. According to the British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the organization Birdlife Cyprus, through the Cypriot cape Pyla migrate almost half of all birds flying from Africa, Europe and Asia. And it is here that poachers catch the largest number of birds. They are then sold on the black market and used for cooking delicacies. Each bird is sold for about one euro. At the same time, a dish of 12 birds costs about 60 euros in a restaurant. To catch songbirds, poachers stretch thin networks in the thickets of the acacia shrub, which are almost invisible and include a bird's twitter recording. In one such network, according to researchers, about 400 birds can get ... Now the British military scientists are accused of unwillingness to clear the territory of their base from thickets of acacia bush, which allows poachers to catch birds there.

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